110 Timing Show personal leisure report, and see statistics of a race 
3520 Timing Added the same graph race report in Fast 5 as in Fast 4
3933 Timing In endurance the laps on the clock count now in count up instead of count down
4012 Timing added a nicer printout for Fast 5
4090 Tming Added the Lapo dll's files in the product folder
4069 Kiosk Option to not take the picture but only details of a Facebook account
4080 Fast 4 Now the error message for a declined credit card and the software not working are the
4081 Fast 4 Added print remarks on the kitchen printer
4144 Application Improved language management 
4028 Kiosk Added some important fields as required by default
4071-4074 Timing Enable sessions copy by a right click
4100 Comparer Prevent duplication of "set term statements"
4113 Timing Fixed clock blinks when you hace no laps and no time
4179 Positioning Added temporary constant size property for positioning display
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