Number Component Description
4187 LEDBoard, TV Row highlights when a kart passes by.
4233 Timing Add setting to send race result email not mobile.
4345 Timing 24 hours or longer races are supported now.
Number Component Description
1047 Configurator More easy to edit sites.
3244 Positioning RTLS Reader: Implement max speed based on average speed.
3464 Positioning Pit exit and entrance only possible from certain segments.
3770 Garage Implement Copy in RentalPart controller.
3892 Positioning Setting to configure track state to show crashes.
4020 TV TV apps don't show license warnings anymore.
4040 Timing Print dialog saves the printer name in the memory.
4168 Positioning, Timing setting to make karts colors darker for Positioning display.
4278 Fast 4 Add client/company number on left side of the table.
4279 Fast 4 Add layout for card printer.
4333 Timing Slowdown buttons moved.
4348 Timing Loop assignment logic has been improved.
4391 Timing Privately owned transponders can add and used.
4393 Timing Hide karts form the assignment screen or maintenance.
Number Component Description
4091 Positioning Crash detection speed increased.
4209 LEDBoard, TV Max row height on scoreboard.
4212 TV Elapsed time is bound to the "current lap".
4288 Positioning RTLS Reader bugs fixed.
4305 TV Monitor null ref exception is fixed.
4311 TV progress bar animation is fixed.
4312 Timing Optimal vertical report optimized.
4314 Timing Personal race overview optimized.
4346 Timing Bug in print report when a person doesn’t have an address is fixed.
4365, 4366 Design Design wizard bugs are fixed.
4372 Pit display Pit display follows the next heat automatically again.
4381 Fast 4 No exception anymore when adding a product to a package.
4425 Hardware Tranx decoder don't have times out anymore.
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