New features

FV-1467 Light control: allow red to switch on x seconds before the end of the race
FV-1363 Make the reader log the time of the heartbeats
FV-985 Data tables: make it possible to save and reset them
  New context menus throughout the software



FV-1562 The light control settings are no longer configured for a FIA start by default
FV-1527 New light control settings have been added
FV-1524 Older sessions can now also be marked as next sessions automatically
FV-1523 Within packages, automatic kart and position transfers can now be programmed independantly
FV-1471 A five channel FIA start is now possible with our light control
FV-1457 Licensing has been fully and automatically implemented
FV-1451 It's now possible to delete drivers from a started race if they have no passings yet
FV-1426 Visual improvements to the settings table
FV-1239 When reporting exceptions, you can now add your name
FV-1195 The software prevents accidental column header deletes
FV-1058 Data table headers now rescale better when dragged
FV-1009 New transponders can now easily be added to the software thanks our "intelligent passings" concept
FV-864 The light control hardware now work accross multiple PC's at the same time
FV-641 Restarted sessions now have a clear name
FV-571 When adding a session, the time of the session adapts to where you clicked initially
FV-1538 It's now possible to re-calculate the session results after the session (if you make any manual changes)
FV-1533 The software now adapts itself if the Windows clock of the server is not equal to the local Windows clock
FV-1430 It's now possible to see the transponder hit count in the passing list
FV-1035 Dates and times are now formatted in the same way across the software
FV-883 Passings are now filtered per resource to reduce loading times when multiple resources are used
  Various framework improvements


Bug fixes

FV-1544 Clock was incorrect when there was no end of the race set up
FV-1525 Light control sometimes crashed
FV-1522 Drag and drop sometimes didn't behave as expected
FV-1536 The synchronisation between databases sometimes didn't work properly
FV-1535 The records on the race printout started at midnight instead of the morning of the current work day
FV-1531 The remarks on a person were not synchronised between the POS software and the Timing software
FV-1530 The scrollbar of the session list sometimes didn't react to new sessions
FV-1419 Race sessions sometimes didn't close, they would stay open forever
FV-1475 The right click menu sometimes resulted in a crash
FV-1462 In the participant window, clicking a passing could cause an error
FV-1389 Switching the kart of a participant could cause incorrect laps
  It was needed to keep the shift or the ctrl key pressed when dragging participants in the Grand Prix screen
FV-1252 Pressing the enter and escape key in various windows closed the window
FV-1213 HDTV could get confused if two sessions were started at the same time
FV-1183 The "Stay on top" option on the passing list didn't work
FV-1140 When only one driver was in a session, and he had a passing, it was not clear if the row was selected
FV-1095 Adding decoders with the same name could result in a crash
FV-1037 It was not possible to delete a transponder from a kart
FV-965 Overwriting all karts of a race at the same time could result in participants without karts
FV-495 Deactivating a passings didn't refresh the list properly
FV-332 The header of the Scores screen was not according to our normal style
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