December II

New feature

FV-1961 Screen in the garage to add notifications on parts of karts. You can set the warning on usage time, passings, or total time. A progress bar shows how far the part is in its lifecycle.
FV-1966 When you get a parts notification in the garage you can solve it from the notification window. You then get the choice to remove or replace the part.
FV-2030 You can add general notifications and notifications on karts instead of just on kart parts.




FV-1870 It's much clearer now when you remove best times what exactly you're going to remove, through a popup that gives you a choice
FV-2023 Small icon was made to indicate teams in the timing grid
FV-2031 On "import all parts" also parts that were on the kart already are now added again.
FV-2036 Parts were in their own little category with filters in the list. This was overkill, so we simplified the list



Bug fixes

FV-1953 After changing karts there would sometimes be double kart numbers in the timing list. This is fixed now.
FV-2009 The screen to give bonuses or penalties was crashing. This is fixed.
FV-2034 Scores tab was not showing scores, was fixed.
FV-2035 There were too many "best time ever" warnings shown on the TVs
FV-2037 In the RTLS configuration the boxes to draw the track are properly saved
FV-2040 Records were only updating when people manually clicked update. Now it's on opening of the page
FV-2041 "Day record" on LED scoreboard & HDTV is showing again




  Lots of RTLS improvements & bugfixes were made in Sensapolis.
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