New feature

2273 Reservations are now synchronized between the timing and the POS software
141 New decoder type has been implemented
1838 The on screen keyboard is now showing an optimal layout for each individual control
777 The new kiosk software can now also handle digital signatures


  New milestone release of the Positioning software
FV-2253 The Positioning Display now has extra colors to make it easier to distinguish karts
FV-2062 The Positioning Display shows a smoother driving curve of karts now
FV-2257 It's now possible to configure for how much time the lights will be on at the beginning of a race
FV-2252 It's now possible to configure the software to only test automatic speed changes on specific karts
FV-2245 There's a new option to easily import kiosk settings from Fast 4
FV-2190 You can now connect a DeHaardt light control with our software
FV-777 The new kiosk software now also supports digital signatures



2275 The Chinese flag is now visible when selecting the language
2274 Better visualisation of labels causes forms to look better in certain languages
2220 Improved the validation visualisation of the nationality list
2207 Text selection now happens in the right color
2206 E-mail validation is now more strict and more correct
2264 In the Configurator software, when adding devices, the devices get added to the selected computer automatically now
2195 In the Grand Prix tab of the Timing software, the sorting by points now also sorts by best time and average time if the points are equal


FV-2201 One of the default kiosk templates has been improved
FV-2201 The naming of some of the kiosk templates has changed
FV-2156 The kiosk software now supports automatic uppercase/lowercase of names
FV-2127 The startup time of the new kiosk software has been improved


Bug fixes 

FV-2064 There was an issue with the tabs, so often the last tab was selected when you left a screen and came back
FV-1920 Some kiosk fields didn't automatically refresh when the page changed
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