New feature

2331 Timing On the main timing sreen, you can now choose to have the traditional passings instead of the warnings
2147 Timing You can now drag and drop drivers in the main timing screen to change the order of the start positions
1897 Timing Migrating from Fast 4 to Fast 5 has become even easier thanks to an automatic import of the device settings
1395 Timing You can now delete multiple passings at once
2982 Timing It's now possible to change the score group from the best times screen
2858 Garage The garage software has some new reports now




2930 Kiosk Some often-used buttons have been added to the on-screen keyboard
2929 Kiosk If the kiosk software is forcefully stopped, it now restarts Windows Explorer
2941 Kiosk Better e-mail address validation in the kiosk software
2366 Kiosk Some translations have been improved
1821 Kiosk We've added maximum length validation for kiosk fields
2932 Timing The kart assignment window has gotten some small layout improvements and its behavior has improved
2917 Timing To prevent confusion, it's no longer possible to drag and drop multiple karts in the kart assignment window
2960 Timing The automatic speed control of karts can manage even more apects of a race now
2920 Timing The date picker of the "Timing settings" popup has been improved
2919 Timing The Race Overview printout now has better support for penalties and bonuses
2823 Kart Positioning Performance optimization of the Kart Positioning software
2960 Kart Positioning Karts can now be slowed down after a race with a virtual loop, no matter what the circumstances are
2856 Garage The UI of the garage has been improvend
2940 Booking Improvement in the Heartland integration
2947 Configurator We've improved the flow of setting up new devices, so you're less likely to add it to the wrong parent device
2869 Configurator It's now possible to edit "My settings" for a certain computer from a different computer
2860 Various We added descriptions to some translations, to make it easier to translate the software into more languages
2297 Various When you add a new item to a grid with in-grid editing, it becomes focused immediately



Bug fixes

763 Kiosk The VK login in the kiosk didn't work well in all scenarios
2770 Kiosk The progress bar didn't count pages correctly that were on the same "step"
1898 Kiosk There were some issues if you first started the kiosk without pre-configuring a survey
2740 Kiosk Sometimes it was not possible to select the first day of the month in the birthday picker
1954 Timing Sometimes the software ordered the drivers incorrectly when transferring them from the qualifier to the final
2776 Timing The Automatic track management didn't have an influence on some of the events
2959 Timing If you changed the speed of a kart manually, you could not see this new speed on the screen
2957 Timing Some events didn't follow if activated or deactivated the emergency mode
2496 Timing In some cases, changing transponders also changed the results of old archived sessions
2993 Timing Sometimes the race printouts didn't come out because of an internal exception
1975 Timing Sometimes old races that were never finished, canued some strange side-effects on new sessions
300 Timing The memobox of participants could grow very large if you added a lot of text in it
2924 Timing When searching the passing list, the order of the items would flip
2918 Timing The linger time was not saved if you didn't fill out the complete time
2944 Timing In some scenarios, assigning a kart could give cause an exception
2946 Timing When no heats are loaded, some buttons that should have been disabled were still accessible
2581 Kart Positioning The Positioning smoothing wasn't working well in some scenarios
2828 Kart Positioning If there were two decoders configured, sometimes the wrong settings would be selected
2895 Garage There could be an error if you pressed "Start work" before you saved a task
2769 Configurator When copying surveys, the page titles would change to "Copy of..."
2768 Configurator When copying surveys, some special expressions would not be copied along
2950 Configurator In some scenarios, settings could show up on a different level than the one they were created on
2956 Configurator Some tranponder issues would appear if you moved them from one kart to another
2552 Configurator The "my settings" and "system settings" didn't save their value if you closed the screen immediately
2939 Various Starting an app from a network folder could cause some issues
2103 Various Some apps couldn't automatically update themselves in certain scenarios
2931 Various The cursor was still visible in some display-only apps
2831 Various The software had some difficulties synchronizing the countries of new registrations
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