September I

New feature

FV-627 New transponders can now easily be added to the software through an automatic warning.
  Preparations for a new release of the kiosk software
FV-1265 It's now possible to create a new session outside of the normal opening hours
  It's now faster to upgrade software thanks to our new Upgrade tool
  Some basic kart statistics are now stored and can be viewed by the karting staff




FV-1599 The settings file is now excluded from the released package, to avoid confusion
FV-1055 Languages themselves are now translatable
FV-1575 Various log files have been cleaned up
FV-1562 Newly added light controls are now set to perform a custom start light combinatioin by default



Bug fixes

FV-1620 Some parts of the timing software looked strange, because the padding was wrong
FV-1592 Sometimes the bonuses and passings didn't refresh immediately
FV-1548 Resetting the grid layout was undone after restarting the software
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