September I

New features

FV-2067 Timing You can now see the given bonuses and penalties in the timing grid.
FV-2849 Timing You can now quickly assign a kart to the selected driver by pressing shift+enter.
FV-2855 Configurator It's now possible to edit country names and images through the configurator.
FV-2832 Garage You can now reset the fuel warning before it fires.
FV-2842 Kiosk New and improved country picker that's more easy to use.




FV-1886 Various The icons are in a better quality now.
FV-2772 Personal Scoreboard The Personal Scoreboard software is now accessible with a desktop shortcut.
FV-2813 Configurator All configurator screens have their titles again.
FV-2817 Various There's now support for pinning the software to the taskbar.
FV-2800 Various The styles of some buttons have been cleaned up.



Bug fixes

FV-2821 Kiosk In some scenarios, not all details were saved.
FV-2848 Timing When using teams. the TV was also showing the team members.
FV-2779 Various The "extra" menu was cut off when the screen resolution was too low.
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