September II

New feature

FV-1661 We created a physical button that can be connected to a DeHaardt setup to slow down all karts in case of emergency.
FV-1714 / FV-987 On the profile of a certain driver, you can now also see the laps and passings properly.
FV-1234 The new Pit Display software can now show positions instead of kart numbers.
FV-1643 The report that keeps track of races and drivers has also been added to the Timing software.
FV-1057 There's now an easy way to split an existing lap into 2 laps.
FV-210 You can now store custom checkboxes on customers in the Timing software.
FV-1671 It's now possible to quickly copy the settings of a peripheric of one computer to another one.
FV-1676 When there is no resource set up and you start the Timing software, it will ask for one.




FV-1670 Better synchronization of special session settings between the POS and the Timing software.
FV-1117 Clear designs for both staff oriented and publicly oriented applications
FV-1607 When looking up members in the Timing software, the search box is now selected by default.
FV-1547 More efficient communication between the timing software and the light control.
FV-1648 More efficient communication between the app server and the decoder reading software.
FV-1553 It's now more clear which kart you are about to assign to a certain driver.
FV-1556 The license screen has been visually improved.
FV-1456 There are more reminders if the license is about to expire, also in the Timing software.
FV-1350 The main tabs of the timing software can now be clicked more easily.
FV-1690 Better descriptions when something goes wrong with an update.
FV-1595 Stability improvements for the records inside the Timing software and the HDTV software.



Bug fixes

FV-1638 The pictures of the drivers were not always properly centered in the Pit Display software.
FV-1634 Some track records showed an incorrect name.
FV-1656 Sometimes it was not possible o type inside the mobile phone field.
FV-799 Some descriptions were cut off in the passings screen.
FV-733 In certain cases, a combobox would not show its default value.
FV-1298 Pressing backspace on the heat duration could disable the control too soon.
FV-1636 It was only possible to shuffle karts after you've selected a few.
FV-1695 When stopping a race, sometimes its drivers would stay in the records list.
FV-1678 It was not possible to change an image after it was created.




  Faster and easier deployment of new software versions.
  Preparation work for counting passings in the new Timing and Maintenance software.
  Preparation work for the new Kiosk software.
  Preparation work for the new Booking software.
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