September II

New feature

FV-1734 You can set the nickname as the only required field in Fast 4, instead of the last name. (Only for Ferrari World)
FV-1764 It's now possible to check people in, to see if everyone is present for the race. (Only for Ferrari World)
FV-17330 Instead of the actual session time, we can print a time on the ticket that's X minutes ahead of the actual session.
  There's a new piece of software that shows which upcoming session should proceed to the pit.
FV-1718 You can launch the Configurator software from any other app by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F2.
FV-1662 The events system can now also switch on/off channels of the light control device.
FV-1647 Completely new HTML race result e-mail, also for mobile devices.




FV-1644 Better scaling of participant names and images in the Pit Display software.



Bug fixes

FV-1740 It was no longer possible to quickly add multiple participants in the Timing software by using the Insert and Enter keys.
FV-1710 Switching a kart during a race could lead to strange passings.




  Much work on the upcoming new version of the Fast Kiosk software.
  The foundations of a new Application Server have been prepared.
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