New feature

1928 New self-extracter to increase installation and upgrade speed.




1923 The race overview report now shows numbers instead of a kart description, so it fits the columns better.
1892 If there's no image set up, the name of the karting center is shown instead.
1876 Various layout improvements on the new race result e-mail.
1888 Database updates can now be smoother thanks to new before scripts.
1900 Logfiles are reordered to make them easier to find.
1903 The software now gives a clear warning when .net Framework 4.5 was not installed.



Bug fixes

1922 Fixed a bug that caused some apps to damage themselves while updating.
1572 When waiting for the printer to print, the software didn't update itself with the latest data.
1913 Sometimes the wrong nickname was shown inside the record lists.
1744 Deleting a kart could cause a crash.
1924 Sometimes the software crashed over fetching records.
1902 When an image was not found, sometimes the software crashed.
1909 The software was not saving its window position in some cases.




  More work was done on the webcam and other functionalities of the upcoming Kiosk product.
  The new app server software is also almost ready for release.
  Preparations have been made for a new cloud-based solution.
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