December I

New feature

FV-2017 Unlocked speed levels can now automatically be transfered between qualifiers and finals
FV-2016 New 'Sidekicks' concept allows multiple apps to run on the same PC with minimal performance loss
FV-2013 It's now possible to sell a maximum speed level from the POS, for example to distinguish between kids and adults
FV-2011 New 'Positioning Display' allows karting centers with our Positioning software to show the live positions on the TV's
FV-1982 New type of event can trigger lights or speed changes x seconds before the end of a race
FV-112 New Echelon light control has been implemented into the software
FV-1199 Basic support for teams has been added




FV-2019 The clock now constantly follows the running timing session. If there are multiple sessions, it follows the oldest one
FV-2012 The Grand Prix printout has been adapted to fit into one page while printing
FV-1981 The speed changes caused by the emergency button can now be configured with a setting
FV-1928 Self-extractor improves the speed and accuracy of software updates
FV-1923 To save space, the Race Overview printout now shows the kart number instead of the full kart name
FV-1903 A clear warning is now shown when the Microsoft .net framework has to be installed
FV-1900 The log directories have been restructured for easier access
FV-1892 If there is no banner for the race result e-mail, the software will now send it with the name of the karting center in big
FV-1891 The design of the race result e-mail has been improved to look better in IBM Notes
FV-1878 The most sensitive options in the App Server can now be protected by a password
FV-1876 Website links are now better formatted inside race result e-mails
FV-1816 The upcoming kiosk software is now also translated in Arabic



Bug fixes

FV-2022 The Timing bridge sometimes didn't recover when starting up without a network connection
FV-2021 In some circumstances, races didn't finish properly
FV-1924 The records couldn't handle some ranges of dates
FV-1913 Sometimes the printout didn't show the correct names with the records
FV-1922 The software launcher didn't work well on some computers
FV-1912 The database synchronisation couldn't handle double addresses on the same person
FV-1910 The timing software sometimes crashed while printing race results
FV-1909 Some windows didn't remember their previous positions anymore after restarting
FV-1902 When not finding some images, the software didn't return the proper message
FV-1892 Attempting to restart unexisting hardware produced some unexpected results




  More work has been done on the upcoming Garage module
  The foundations for a brand new online synchronisation have been built
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