Release 14-1-2014

New feature

FV-1198 Track events can now be limited to only execute when the race is ending
FV-1382 New transponders are automatically added to the software now
FV-2102 Sessions can now start automatically, some seconds after the previous one is finished
FV-104 New printout with a race summary
FV-106 New personal printout
FV-1010 Barcode scanner implemented to assign drivers to karts
FV-2101 If you accidentally started a heat, you can undo this if nobody passed the loop yet
FV-540 We're now always showing the clock of the running heat in the timing software, to avoid confusion




FV-2010 Extra safety to prevent people from breaking the transponder setup
FV-1884 New splash screens and icons



Bug fixes

FV-2084 The nickname of a participant was sometimes not showing correctly
FV-2042 In some rare cases your best time could dissapear
FV-2125 The Grand Prix tab sometimes crashed when you dragged participants wrongly
FV-2035 In some cases a wrong best time was shown on the screens
FV-2041 Day records were missing sometimes
FV-2028 Restarting a session could cause a few problems with teams
FV-1790 Easily accessible screen for scores
FV-2120 Some track events were triggered even when they were disabled
FV-2123 Drivers that were voided in the POS, still appeared in the kart assignment window
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