New feature

FV-1936 We can now configure to only print registration sheets below a certain age
FV-1965 Notifications from garage can now be "snoozed" for a certain period


FV-1198 Track events can now be limited to only execute when the race is ending
FV-1382 New transponders are automatically added to the software now
FV-2102 Sessions can now start automatically, some seconds after the previous one is finished
FV-104 New printout with a race summary
FV-106 New personal printout
FV-1010 Barcode scanner implemented to assign drivers to karts
FV-2101 If you accidentally started a heat, you can undo this if nobody passed the loop yet
FV-540 We're now always showing the clock of the running heat in the timing software, to avoid confusion



FV-2141 The positioning track configurator got improved
FV-2068 Much clearer choices when solving a notification from the timing software


FV-2010 Extra safety to prevent people from breaking the transponder setup
FV-1884 New splash screens and icons


Bug fixes 

FV-2084 The nickname of a participant was sometimes not showing correctly
FV-2042 In some rare cases your best time could dissapear
FV-2125 The Grand Prix tab sometimes crashed when you dragged participants wrongly
FV-2035 In some cases a wrong best time was shown on the screens
FV-2041 Day records were missing sometimes
FV-2028 Restarting a session could cause a few problems with teams
FV-1790 Easily accessible screen for scores
FV-2120 Some track events were triggered even when they were disabled
FV-2123 Drivers that were voided in the POS, still appeared in the kart assignment window


FV-2039 Vsync was crashing when Fast 4 heat name was empty
FV-2157 On certain phones, special characters in results e-mails were not showing correctly. This is now fixed.
FV-2065 It's now possible again to add all parts of a certain kart at once in the garage
FV-2066 Total time setting for notifications was not saving
FV-2161 If a voided driver had a kart, that kart could not be assigned to anyone else; this is now fixed.
FV-2145 Minor styling issue in "add survey" listbox in Configurator
FV-2139 Bug when assigning drivers to teams from the pit -> the team was 2 times in the list
FV-2032 When doing "import all parts" the software will add the new parts instead of replacing the old ones
FV-2077 When deleting a part with a notification, the timing software crashed.
FV-2072 Notifications not assigned to a certain kart didn't save
FV-2118 When pressing "Insert" in the positioning editor, the editor crashed.
FV-2026 The "participants" tab is now only visible when you open a team, and hidden when you open a single participant.
FV-2070 When adding a notification without a kart, it didn't have a name in the list. Now it takes the description as title.
FV-2069 Notifications were triggered too much
FV-2075 You can't delete the default "EMPTY" part anymore by accident. It's also hidden.
FV-2144 When creating a new kiosk survey, and cancelling it, it would leave some parts of the survey behind. Now that doesn't happen anymore
FV-2108 When selecting "switch karts from beginning of race", the software would put the new passings before the old passings, and the old passings would change the assignment again. Reported by Tobia from MakoTrac. This is now fixed.
FV-2056 When assigning lots of different karts very quickly, sometimes the software would display the wrong kart in the timing grid. This is now fixed.
FV-1637 Very fast repeated clicking on the shuffle button in the kart assignment screen would in rare cases remove karts from drivers.
FV-1945 When you forgot to assign karts, the software wouldn't show a popup anymore with the fixes. Now it's back.
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