Release 11-3-2014

New feature

  New milestone release of the Positioning software
FV-2253 The Positioning Display now has extra colors to make it easier to distinguish karts
FV-2062 The Positioning Display shows a smoother driving curve of karts now
FV-2257 It's now possible to configure for how much time the lights will be on at the beginning of a race
FV-2252 It's now possible to configure the software to only test automatic speed changes on specific karts
FV-2245 There's a new option to easily import kiosk settings from Fast 4
FV-2190 You can now connect a DeHaardt light control with our software
FV-777 The new kiosk software now also supports digital signatures




FV-2201 One of the default kiosk templates has been improved
FV-2201 The naming of some of the kiosk templates has changed
FV-2156 The kiosk software now supports automatic uppercase/lowercase of names
FV-2127 The startup time of the new kiosk software has been improved



Bug fixes

FV-2064 There was an issue with the tabs, so often the last tab was selected when you left a screen and came back
FV-1920 Some kiosk fields didn't automatically refresh when the page changed
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