New feature

FV-2333 For people with two tracks and one lightcontrol: we can now split the lightcontrol in half and have 4 channels per track




FV-2358 Memory usage of Persons and Addresses was brought down with 8-10%
FV-2344 Vertical printout was moved from "Paper" to "A4" and this allowed to add 5 extra lines to the best times
FV-2334 For people with lots of sponsors, we can also configure the background of printouts again
FV-2310 & FV-1862 In the Kiosk you can now press the Enter key to go to the next field, or the next page.
FV-2202 A new birthday picker was added for the kiosk



Bug fixes

FV-2302 The "City" field in de kiosk doesn't show a big "NONE" anymore
FV-2321 If you don't have positioning, the tab is not shown in the resource configuration anymore. Else it would crash.
FV-2350 If a kart went back and forth over the timing loop, the positioning display would sometimes show the kart making a full tour very fast. This is now fixed.
FV-2364 The VSync would crash when synchronizing deleted reservations. Fixed!
FV-2371 Full page background for results printouts would crash if there was no image set.
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