New feature

FV-784 Kiosk Answers to certain questions can now trigger new questions.
FV-2570 Kiosk It's now also possible to define custom flows in the kiosk software for different ages.
FV-2571 Kiosk In the kiosk, we can now save a kid's signature separately.
FV-2542 Kiosk Print different disclaimers based on the age.
FV-2775 Timing In the scores tab, the first and last name are now also solved.
FV-1441 Timing For certain decoders, show which loop recorded the passing.
FV-2148 Timing We now check the DeHaardt hardware regularily to see if it's still responding.
FV-1911 Timing You can now view the previous best times in the person screen.
FV-2681 Timing An existing Fast 4 race result printout has been re-introduced: Optimal Vertical.
FV-1713 Timing You can now see the sectors times inside the person screen.
FV-2724 Timing You can now choose different sector speeds based on the unlocked speeds of people.
FV-2194 Timing You can now configure which loop is used for kart assignment.
FV-2052 Timing From the POS software, you can now configure races to have a two-phase finish.
FV-642 Timing You can now choose how the lights behave for each session individually.
FV-2179 Timing Teams are now shown in the Timing software as a collapsible list.
FV-610 Timing There's now a button to do a FIA start straight from the main screen.
FV-1558 Timing You can now check all hardware from the main screen, to check if everything is online.
FV-906 Timing You can now choose the points that are given per session.
FV-2228 Timing It's possible to remove from the Pit Display when the next heat is going to start.
FV-1956 Positioning You can now see the number of crashes per driver in the marshal display.
FV-2720 Positioning Easy on/off switch for automatic crash slowdowns.
FV-2753 Positioning Various improvements under the hood.
FV-2018 Pit Display We've added an extra warning for people to go to the pit.




FV-510 Timing Better handling of new days.
FV-2146 Timing When accidentally adding a transponder that was already in the database, the system will guide you to a solution.
FV-1732 Timing Below the clock, only the timing passings are now shown.
FV-1950 Timing Broken karts cannot be assigned anymore.
FV-986 Timing A person's laps are now loaded more efficiently.
FV-1446 Timing The automatic events now support more scenarios.
FV-1551 Timing The passings list is no longer jumping to the top when you're scrolling.
FV-1709 Timing The passings list now shows when they were updated.
FV-960 Timing When switching a kart on a participant with laps, the software will ask when you want to switch it.
FV-1927 Timing Kart names can now have prefixes.
FV-1602 Timing It's now possible to put someone in CC when sending out the race result e-mails.
FV-1934 Timing You can view memos of people by just moving your mouse over the memo icon.
FV-1668 Timing It's now also possible to transfer teams automatically between qualifiers and finals.
FV-1942 Timing Printing the race results goes faster now.
FV-2746 Timing Assigning karts with drag and drop is now more user-friendly.
FV-2293 Timing Assigning karts with the enter key has been improved.
FV-2610 Timing The layout of the "Change date" dialog has been improved.
FV-283 Timing Better date handling in the session settings.
FV-2397 Timing In the Grand Prix tab, the Most Laps sorting has been improved.
FV-2538 General The updater packages can now also perform new installations.
FV-2226 General Searches are now case and accent insensitive.
FV-2218 General The URL editor is now more user-friendly.
FV-1929 General Layout improvements with long text.
FV-556 General The edit icon is now a pencil everywhere.
FV-1918 Framework Behind-the-scenes improvements of database versioning
FV-1946 Configurator The searchbox now has an indication whether it's searching or not.
FV-726 Configurator De header of the device list has been cleaned up.
FV-962 Configurator You can now reset a setting to its original value by pressing a single button.
FV-2105 Configurator A new edit screen has been made to link kart types to resources.
FV-1138 Configurator We now prevent the current track to be (accidentally) deleted.
FV-1552 Pit Display There's now a setting to hide how much a heat is overdue.
FV-1861 Kiosk The on-screen keyboard now supports deleting more characters by pressing and holding,
FV-2574 Kiosk The date is now also printed on the kiosk printout.
FV-2080 Kiosk If the question is too long, it's being truncated now.
FV-2690 Kiosk It's now possible to automatically format first- and last names properly. For example: "TOM" becomes "Tom".
FV-2741 Kiosk You can now add a simple piece of text to a kiosk page.
FV-2691 Kiosk There's an option to hide the picture on the printout, to save ink.
FV-2764 Positioning Improved crash handling when multiple crashes are close together.
FV-2765 Positioning You can now zoom in and out on the track.



Bug fixes

FV-1540 Timing The memo was sometimes not updated in real-time.
FV-2247 Timing The kart picture was not displayed properly in the kart assignment window.
FV-1711 Timing It was not possible to edit passings using the right click menu.
FV-2670 Timing It was possible to remove paid drivers from a heat by removing them from a team.
FV-2669 Timing Sometimes it wasn't possible to remove a driver from a team.
FV-2773 Timing The DeHaardt Range Extender sometimes seemed offline, while it still was online.
FV-2235 Timing Copy / paste drivers actually did a cut / paste.
FV-1808 Timing The Grand Prix tab didn't warn if you added too many drivers in a race.
FV-2672 Timing The automatic transfer of karts inside packages would override the existing karts that were assigned, if any.
FV-1678 Timing It was not possible to change a person's memo after a race.
FV-2633 Timing In the session list, the bar that shows the amount of people isn't always up to date.
FV-632 Timing The icon that indicates whether a kart is in use was not always correct.
FV-2636 Timing Moving heats in time sometimes caused an issue.
FV-2737 Timing In some scenarios, changing a transponder in Fast 4 resetted the counters in Fast 5.
FV-2668 Timing Team members didn't get their e-mails after a race.
FV-2345 Timing When there was a license warning, the race didn't end automatically anymore.
FV-2614 Timing The system could not send e-mails to e-mails with special characters.
FV-2210 Kiosk Some number-based fields didn't work when there was no data.
FV-1393 Timing When doing manual passings with an incorrect configuration, the software could crash.
FV-1232 Timing Deleting a disqualification passing didn't refresh the driver list.
FV-2391 Timing Searching members caused the software to freeze if there were many members.
FV-2177 Timing Teams were marked as if they didn't pay.
FV-963 Configurator Settings were only stored if you moved away from them.
FV-1302 Configurator Inside the person screen, the nationality list was not properly filled up.
FV-2033 Configurator Deleting the active track caused a crash of the software.
FV-2250 Configurator Sometimes, device settings could not be changed when the device was closed.
FV-1725 Configurator Copying devices caused issues with their names.
FV-2230 General The memo field of new members was sometimes cleared.
FV-2398 General Creating a second contact address on the same members sometimes caused some synchronisation issues.
FV-2714 Positioning The marshal display was not live sometimes.
FV-2716 Positioning Some Positioning events were skipped in certain scenarios.
FV-2719 Positioning The positions and best times were not live sometimes.
FV-2771 Positioning The Personal Scoreboard was not always fully live.
FV-2673 Ledboard At the end of the race, the clock sometimes went below zero.
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