New feature

2889 Kiosk You can now sort the languages on the kiosk screen as you want
2884 Positioning New learning algorithm to calculate the shape of the track automatically
2850 Personal Scoreboard The personal scoreboard now also works with loop passings, not just positioning
2377 Database The history tables have been split into a different database, to improve the transfer speeds
2872 Various You can now configure the apps to restart the PC or the app itself at specific times




2973 Timing There have been various performance optimizations to improve the speed of the software
587 Timing New keyboard shortcuts to manage races
2782 Timing The FIA button has moved to a better place
3028 Timing In the main timing screen, the "Last passing" column has been moved, to make it more clear
3025 Timing When the heat size is unlimited, the counter shows the value more clearly now
3008 Timing There's now more control over the events that are triggered when a race allows automatic events
3007 Kiosk More languages are supported
2994 Garage The software now automatically saves a date when something is created or solved
2582 Positioning The karts move around on the positioning display more smoothly now
2622 Configurator The configuration screens now have titles, so it's easier to see where you are
3039 Configurator When viewing and editing images, you can now select a dark background for clarity
2281 Configurator Some lists weren't resizing properly
2712 Database The scores list didn't work well with specific languages
3002 Various Printing of data grids has been improved



Bug fixes

2999 Timing The drivers of a final were not always sorted correctly after the qualifier
3013 Timing In some places, switching a kart in the middle of the race didn't work
2362 Timing Creating new score groups from the main scores window caused some issues
2965 Garage When opening the garage tab for the first time, you couldn't click some buttons
2915 Garage The total cost was not always updatet in real-time
2960 Garage Empty kart parts had a strange default name
3021 Garage If heats had an unlimited amount of drivers, the Grand Prix tab could not insert drivers in there anymore
3014 Kiosk It was possible to close the kiosk without entering a password, by clicking the title
2213 Kiosk The Twitter login wasn''t taking the proper application ID
1673 Pit Display With some resolutions, the text was being cut off
2784 Configurator Adding a new empty timing loop could cause an exception in some cases
2967 Configurator The screen for the transponder kinds was lacking some fields
2971 Configurator It was not possible to configure the order of the languages in the Fast Configurator
3017 Configurator Some lists allowed typing inside the list while they shouldn't
2838 Configurator Some queries with parameters could not be executed
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