Features and improvements

FV-4721 Pit Display New option to immediately switch to the next session when the current one is started.
FV-4722 Pit Display Allow configuring pit dipslays with multiple resources on the same TV
FV-4723 Pit Display Improvement to the validation of the screen
FV-4607 Garage Link a task with an action, to run automatically when the task is closing
FV-4615 Garage Allow moving parts from a task to new, seperate tasks
FV-4616 Garage Allow selecting different actions for different parts when solving a task
FV-4335 Garage Internal use of the billing system for task costs
FV-4598 Garage When copying a part, ask for a vehicle type
FV-4620 POS Option to print the member card number on an asset ticket
FV-4507 POS Disable open drawer button with a pin code
FV-4685 POS New flow to link a plastic card with a mobile app immediately
FV-4697 POS Show a warning if underage member screen is closed without a guardian signature
FV-4698 POS There's now an option to enable a minimum age for any product
FV-4709 POS Extensive Intercard integration
FV-4622 POS Prevent logging out when scanning products with a barcode scanner
FV-4511 POS Option to add a pincode for editing reservations
FV-4578 POS It's possible to manually edit the end dates for memberships now
FV-4691 POS Option to remove the VAT percentage from sales ticket
FV-4693 POS Allow member cards to also be staff login cards at the same time
FV-4687 POS New button to reload the heats from the POS
FV-4738 POS Show cash, points and credits in the product grid view
FV-4668 TV Allow moving a window without edges to a specific part of a screen
FV-4650 Kiosk Make page navigation left-to-right for right-to-left languages like Arabic
FV-4651 Kiosk Small UI improvements for the right-to-left kiosk languages like Arabic
FV-4684 Configurator Improving the naming of copied devices
FV-4626 Configurator Design wizard UI improvements
FV-4640 Configurator Preventing leading zeros in the transponder numbers
FV-4675 Updater Automatic cleanup of the Fast folder during upgrades
FV-4708 All Preventing software licenses from expiring in the weekend
FV-4673 Various Preventing multiple Windows user from running the same software at the same time


FV-4699 POS Voiding a bill didn't void external assets
FV-4716 POS Sometimes deleting a driver could generate an access violation message
FV-4717 POS Swiping a staff card without a pincode was not possible
FV-4082 Configurator There was an issue with saving images without adding a language
FV-4018 Kiosk Not all kiosk text was translated
FV-4653 POS For the USA POS setup, there was an issue paying bills with assets
FV-4654 POS Bug when converting a bill to an invoice
FV-4655 POS When canceling out creating a new invoice for the day itself, there was an error
FV-4692 POS An error could sometimes occur when swiping a member card multiple times
FV-4702 TV Invalid screen positions were sometimes saved
FV-4677 TV Restarting maximized software put it back in windowed mode
FV-4706 TV There was rare error with the Pit Display timer
FV-4713 Garage When switching view mode of the main garage screen in the timing, the software could crash
TV-4704 Timing There was a rare issue that could occur in the passings engine
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