How to set up the Mobile Marshal Watch App

Congratulations, you're now the owner of a smartwatch! This article explains how to set up the Mobile Marshal Watch App.

1. Set up the watch

If you haven't done this yet, pair your phone and watch. Just download the Android Wear app from the Google Play Store. Follow the instructions. If you're having trouble, check out this step-by-step guide.


2. Download the Mobile Marshal app

From the Google Play Store, download the Mobile Marshal app.


3. Log in

You need to be at the karting center for this step. Go to the timing PC (usually near the pit area).

Open the timing software, click the menu button on the top right of the software and click Mobile Marshal. This will open a screen with a QR code to scan with the app. The screen contains the instructions.

Note: if this screen is not present, contact us at, and we'll set it up for you.



4. Enjoy!

After a few minutes, the Mobile Marshal app will also appear on the smartwatch. You can just open it and start enjoying the real time race info and the power of controlling the race straight from your watch.

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