How to set up membercards as voucher/gift card

You can use the membercards as vouchers/gift cards at your karting track.
This article will explain all the steps you have to go through to set up the voucher system.

To set up vouchers

1. Create a new voucher kind

You can set up new voucher kinds in the configurator. A voucher kind can be a 'Money voucher' or 'Karting credit voucher' for example.

2. Create a voucher template

In the voucher template you can create as many types of the voucher kind as you want. You can for example set up a €5 voucher, a €10 voucher, ... You can also choose how long they are valid for.

3. Create a product and link it to the voucher template

The final thing you need to do, is set up a product you can use to sell it in the POS. Set the price and choose the correct voucher template.

How to use the vouchers

1. Tap the voucher button in the POS.
2. Scan a card, to put the voucher on the card.
3. When a customer returns with the voucher, you scan the card and the system will ask for to select a member to add it to. You can choose an existing member or a new one from the kiosk.


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