Release Mobile Marshal Watch, reduce upgrade time and fix as many bugs as possible.  In total 184 issues, request and bugs were resolved in the past months. Highlights below.

Features and improvements

FV-4761, FV-4838 Maintenance Improve UI in parts and part selection
FV-4783 Upgrade procedure Reduce duration of an upgrade procedure
FV-4899 Timing Warn when simulation is switched on
FV-4789, FV-4742 Upgrade procedure Switch NBackup and GBak to use ServiceAPI 
FV-4619 Reports Hide site name in reports
FV-4918 Scoreboard Allow colored rows in scoreboard software
FV-2545 PitDisplay Show positions and vehicle numbers
FV-4732 Mobile Marshal Switch race clock to AM/PM
FV-4730 Mobile Marshal Show warnings about disconnected phones in MM
FV-4759 Maintenance Group open tasks by most recent
FV-4758 Maintenance Merge task list with my tasks
FV-4609 Maintenance Automatically run actions when notifications is raised
FV-4360 Timing French law prohibits timing of minors, race mode "no timing" now supports this
FV-4786 Timing Change person of a record
FV-4303 Timing Change best time of a record
FV-4764 Office Document locks can be ignored


FV-4795 Framework Null reference exception might occur on TV
FV-4344 Framework Camera might stop working after long time usage
FV-4330 Mobile Marshal Clock stayed green when you restarted an already started race
FV-4871 Timing Index out of range on printout of race times on rare occasions
FV-4846 Framework Connection to the database might not be restored after it was lost
FV-4816 Framework Emergency notifications being broadcasted twice
FV-4905 Database Heatnumbers generated wrong when you passed the 24 hour border
FV-4448 TV Don't show errors in case of database connection lost
FV-4765 Office History of document was lost when you create a new version of an offer
FV-4750 Ledboard Resizing issue is solved
FV-4817 Live timing Secure sockets now also supported
FV-4848 Framework Null reference exception might occur when heats are reloaded
FV-4887 Kiosk Lookup error might generate wrong sql
FV-4888 Framework Communication might be faulted after reconnect
FV-4902 Timing Split passing supports multiple antenna's
FV-4364 Timing First race of the day isn't always the next heat
FV-4424 Updater Updater still requires .net 3.5
FV-4875 Framework VSynch might fail on unique membercard ids


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