Features and improvements

FV-4723 PitDisplay Pass Resource to validator and make proper one for PitDisplay
FV-4720 PitDisplay Show heat marked as "Next session" first on PitDisplay
FV-4721 PitDisplay Stop showing heat on PitDisplay on green flag
FV-4722 PitDisplay Make PitDisplay work with multiple resources
FV-1272 AppServer Live timing forwarding
FV-5006 ServiceHost Add apps through menu
FV-4975 Support Tool Show list of connected clients + remote shutdown and restart
FV-4990 Support Tool Manually import a licence
FV-4978 Support Tool Back up the bulk daily and remove backups older than 1 day
FV-4310 Framework Create an autoquery option in Fast 5
FV-4976 Support Tool Get licence from Office with 1 click
FV-4973 Timing Light actions: Only if session allows automatic speed levels
FV-4941 WSync Icon
FV-4920 Framework Botox possibilities in Fast 5 DB
FV-4607 Garage Link task with action, to run automatically when task is closing
FV-4697 POS Show a warning if underage member screen is closed without guardian picture
FV-4616 Garage Sovle task choose action per part
FV-4709 POS Take off points/credits/tokens from Intercard
FV-4615 Garage Part in the task - allow to move in another task.
FV-4698 POS Make minimum age on products work for all kinds of products
FV-4685 POS Create a member with card and mobile app at the same time
FV-4620 POS Print membercard nr on asset ticket
FV-4622 POS Update logout timer
FV-4507 POS Disable open drawer button with pincode
FV-4979 AppServer Merge notifications Broadcaster in AppServer
FV-4681 ServiceHost Option to execute locally
FV-4987 Synchronization Sync the licences from Fast5 5 to Fast 4 instead of 4 to 5
FV-5014 Timing Remove focus from light control buttons when clicked
FV-4992 Timing SplitTimes: add to right click options
FV-4999 Support Tool Style the Clients tab of the Support tool
FV-4988 AppServer Send mail to support when daily backup fails
FV-4959 Support Tool UI Cleanup
FV-4729 Mobile Marshall Load text and background at the same time when starting up
FV-4335 Garage Use bills for task costs
FV-4684 Configurator Remove "Copy of" from name of peripheric when copying to another device
FV-4693 POS Allow users to also be customers
FV-4691 POS Remove VAT percentage from sales ticket


FV-4852 Support Tool Fill in used licences in support tool
FV-4854 Support Tool Fix the add licence button in support tool
FV-4853 Support Tool Fill in used licences in support tool
FV-5025 PitDisplay Records broken sreen doesn't update records live
FV-4914 Broadcaster Fix Exceptions
FV-4223 Broadcaster GetClientKeyFromAPI crash fix
FV-4998 AppServer Version is sometimes 0 when downloading a licence


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