How to add customers to a reservation and book them into a race

The following article will explain how to add customers to a reservation, and also how to add them to a race using Book X.

1. To add customers to a reservation, open the reservation screen, and go to the Persons tab.
With this tab open, start scanning the member cards (or mobile apps) of the participants.

If you scan an empty card/ new mobile app user, it will ask you to create a member, and immediately add it to the reservation. It will also add the cost of the new membership to the current sales operation (if there is one).

Note: you can also press the "New" button at the bottom of the screen and look up existing members using the magnifying glass. 

Note: that you can assign each customer to its own team/group on this screen too (if you're using groups/teams).

2. Once you're done adding the customers, you can now book them into a race. To do this, go back to the POS, select the block that you want the reservation on, and press the Book X button.

If a product was already selected on the reservation line, it will take that product when you push Book X. If it wasn't, it will show you the karting product list, and you can then select the product that you want to book them in with.

3. You are now free to then settle the amount however you want, or bill it on the reservation.

Note: If you're using our offer/invoicing system, you might have to work with free entry/booking products so that you don't double charge your customers (since you'll most likely select the products and collect the payment through our invoicing system).

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