How to install and configure Lapo Displays

Hardware needed

Lapo antenna, connected to the PIT computer.

Lapo displays.


On the PIT computer, connect the Lapo antenna.

Install the libusbk driver (

Add the lapo antenna to the FAST 5 Devices on the PIT computer, as a Lapo Display.

For each display, you’ll need to add a new transponder, of type Display, with the last 5 serial numbers of each device. Assign it to the kart it’ll be in.

Power up the lapo displays with either a USB connection, or straight from the engine/battery power (if they are on the karts).

The displays should then work.

To change the default images

Hardware needed

Lapo USB Datakey.

USB to multiple (at least 2) lapo displays power cable.

Changing images

Insert the Lapo Datakey and install the Libusbk driver on whatever computer you’ll be working from.

Put LapoLibraryBuilder somewhere on that computer, and edit/replace the images in the Bibl folder with the new ones. (

Push the Make and Upload packet. It should upload these new images to the Lapo Datakey.

Connect the Lapo Datakey to the power source, using the USB to multiple lapo displays cable.

Connect a Lapo display to the same power source, using one of the other ends of the cable. The firmware upload will start, and it will replace the images for that display.

Repeat for all the other displays.

Changing timeout, Main Screen Number

If for any reason you need to change the timeout or the Main Screen number for the Lapo devices, you can do so following the steps below.

If you run the same LapoLibraryBuilder software on the timing computer (or on a computer that has the antenna configured), you can push the Config button and change some settings on these devices.

It will search for all the lapo displays powered on in range, and will show them in the list. You can then change the default timeout (to 0, for example), or the Main screen number (which should be 10, by default).

In case you need to install a Lapo Range Extender, follow these instructions.

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