Features and Improvements

FV-4631 Framework New Fast Server to replace the Appserver
FV-5069 Automails Notification system on automatic email failure
FV-5045, FV-5071 Support Fixed license insertion on the new Fast Support tool
FV-5043 Support Improved update version buttons on the Fast Support tool
FV-5041, FV-5046 Support Added feedback to license insertion
FV-5040 Support License serial formatting added
FV-5097 Support Added extra security to version download
FV-5044 Support UI improvement


FV-5018 Synchronization Fixed problem with synchronizing Czech Language
FV-5049 Synchronization Fixed problem synchronizing bill lines with inactive products
FV-5077 Framework BeginOfWorkDay setting wasn't being loaded correctly
FV-4981 Framework Fixed Metric Action FK exception
FV-5070 Framework Fixed problem with calculating IP address
FV-4728 Mobile Marshal Fixed button sizes
FV-5026 Kiosk Fixed bug in email lookup
FV-5055 TV Fixed live results progress out of range
FV-5038 ServiceHost, Updater Updater replaces the Appserver for the FAST Server
FV-4983 POS Fixed Cash Report exception
FV-5059, FV-5054, FV-5051 Timing Fixed some exceptions
FV-5060 Garage Fixed double records on vehicle report
FV-4832 Garage Fixed wrong alignment in Garage print dialog
FV-5061 Garage Removed ability to replace already removed parts
FV-5064, FV-5053, FV-5062, FV-5052, FV-5050 Garage Fixed several exceptions
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