Although we might not have updated the release notes that often in the past three months, we have been working hard on the next generation on timing software.  In the past month we have release a native fast 5 application server, we have converted all online modules to access our distributed cloud and we have been finishing the new Business application.  

We are also proud to inform everybody that our new booking module is now already running for two months in beta at several customers.  A roll-out of this new software will happen in the very near future and I'm pretty sure, you will hear more soon...


Features and Improvements

FV-5415 Hardware Kart Timer LTS04 decoder integration
FV-5264 Online kiosk Pictures are stored in a smaller format 
FV-5402 Modules Convert live timing to native fast 5
FV-5391 Support Easy access to online settings in the support tool
FV-4929 Framework Autoquery module in fast5


FV-5414 Converter Sitekey not properly converted back to fast 4
FV-5404 Framework Special characters and accents could result in unfinished heats
FV-5388 Synchronization Last timestamp wasn't always updated
FV-5229 Timing Teammembers didn't receive mails with race results
FV-4538 Timing When making a new team, the prefix driver was used and not team
FV-5343 Kiosk Country of residence selection picker
FV-5145 Mobile Marshal Double quotes in nickname broke mobile notifications
FV-5107 Appserver CRC Mismatch
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