How to move the HDTV software to a different screen

In most of our apps, you can just use the F11 key to resize a screen and drag it around.

In the Fast HDTV software it's a little different. This article explains how to move this software to a different screen.

  1. Open the Fast Configurator on any PC (classic version, not with the red icon)
  2. Go to Setup > Settings
  3. In the settings, go to the PC of the HDTV 
  4. Then expand the HDTV group
  5. There you'll find the SCREENINDEX setting. This is the one you need.

This setting can have -1 as a value, in that case it will take the default screen of Windows. It can also have a value starting from 0, that's the number of the screen we want to target. Windows starts counting at 0. 

Tip: sometimes the logic of the numbering can be weird, so if it doesn't work out the first time try a few numbers and you'll get there.

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