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Key Summary Status Updated Component Description Resolution
FV-4719 Fast heats Resolved 13/01/18 Application Well... remake the fast heats so it works for lasergames and others

show heats, drivers

start heat, stop heat, mark as next

Andretti Marietta also asked for this.
FV-5245 Fast Support: Show date / time a client was last updated Resolved 26/01/18 Support It will be useful to show the date / time a client was updated in the fast support tool.

I think the easiest would be to store the last "upgrade date and time" inside SMS.ini
FV-5924 Fast Support: Move Go button to the right Resolved 24/01/18 Support Requested by Mahmoud from Gokarting.dk

_Is it possible to move the button "GO" in the FAST SUPPORT to the right? When trying to push the buttons o a touch screen it is to easy to push the GO button by mistake!_
FV-6252 Add "Tip" filed to Booking kiosk Resolved 16/01/18 Kiosk   Fixed
FV-7313 If full f5 booking, support app should download different zip Resolved 23/01/18 Framework Senne

I will make an installer, containing only F5 files.
In case of F5 booking, you should download this one.
FV-7394 Make reservations visible in FAST Timing Resolved 09/01/18 Timing Reservations overview in Timing as an option, like in Booking. Fixed
FV-7976 Yomani connection timeout Resolved 12/01/18 Booking The software timeout is shorter than the yomani terminal Fixed
FV-8178 Booking: Show current running heat (other resource) in app footer Resolved 26/01/18 Booking Now it shows only the first karting resource. Fixed
FV-8293 Add template parameter for race result table Resolved 20/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8329 Reservation history Resolved 09/01/18 Reservations Can we create a screen like fast 4 where you can see the history of a reservation and the changes made per user?

Requested by Powerarea
FV-8577 Online booking confirmation email Resolved 02/02/18 Online booking, Post Office We need to send a confirmation email that has to be sent to the person after payment.

It should contains this data:
QR code with resrvation number,
reservation number,
date, time,
amount of persons booked,
payment information
link to event subscription
FV-8654 Paragraph 90: no payment method change. Resolved 13/12/17 Booking don't allow people to change payments Fixed
FV-8656 MANDATORY login Resolved 09/01/18 Booking Login is mandatory Fixed
FV-8657 Deactivate the +/- drivers in FAST Timing Resolved 13/12/17 Timing   Fixed
FV-8659 RegionalRestriction System Resolved 13/12/17 Framework a System that should allow easy testing inside code what kind of restrictions applies

Currently we have France, EU and GDPR special restrictions
FV-8671 Copy drivers is not allowed when it is not going through POS Resolved 09/01/18 Timing Disable copy driver

Disable Copy heat with drivers
FV-8692 SystemWide ticket numbering Resolved 21/12/17 Booking Ticketnumbering should be systemwide and for sure not per device Fixed
FV-8708 RFC search algorithms Resolved 09/01/18 Database * Does it make sense to index "strings" longer then x, characters. I have checked a database for distribution. Do you see anybody entering a search longer then 10 characters? On the other hand... this is the "10"-distribution. If we bring it to 8, we have 1/3 too long. (I currently already have a "minimum chars, set to 3", maybe make a maximum setting as well. Obviously the first X characters would be indexed, I would use substring.

* hotmail, gmail, com, ... an very common search terms... Keeping a hardcoded list, might remove these first three, but would it be interesting to not index worthless searchterms?

FV-8712 Add notification meta id to notification json Resolved 14/01/18 Mobile, Mobile Marshal   Fixed
FV-8713 Connect Raygun to mailing server and client Resolved 13/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8720 Put address of licensing server inside a special setting Resolved 28/01/18 Framework Issue was created from an Upsource discussion in file [License.cs|http://codereview.sms-timing.com:8061/F5/file/48953/Funboo/GOnline.Funboo.Server/Server/License.cs?nav=1543:1585:focused] in review [F5-CR-1231|http://codereview.sms-timing.com:8061/F5/review/F5-CR-1231], revision [48953|http://codereview.sms-timing.com:8061/F5/revision/48953]

*angelina* wrote on 25 Dec 2017 07:55:
{quote}Could we move it in an application settings?{quote}
FV-8722 make kiosk from mobile as separated module Resolved 17/01/18 Mobile, Online booking to reuse in booking Fixed
FV-8723 make proper camera control for online kiosk Resolved 18/01/18 Online, Online booking now it's just ugly input Fixed
FV-8726 reactivate unit tests Resolved 09/01/18 Unit Tests The following unit tests have been temporarily deactivated
|[ValidateServiceTest.AddressGroupsTest|http://build.sms-timing.com:3030/viewLog.html?buildId=137862&tab=buildResultsDiv&buildTypeId=Fast5_CiBuild#testNameId-5437393105556869515] | |
| [ValidateServiceTest.NotNeededServiceTest|http://build.sms-timing.com:3030/viewLog.html?buildId=137862&tab=buildResultsDiv&buildTypeId=Fast5_CiBuild#testNameId4411716572654082747] | |
| [ValidateServiceTest.NullFactoryTest|http://build.sms-timing.com:3030/viewLog.html?buildId=137862&tab=buildResultsDiv&buildTypeId=Fast5_CiBuild#testNameId-5733963974232593569] | |
| [ValidateServiceTest.NullServiceTest|http://build.sms-timing.com:3030/viewLog.html?buildId=137862&tab=buildResultsDiv&buildTypeId=Fast5_CiBuild#testNameId3720703895555327533] |
FV-8736 Facebook Option: hide 'I don't have Facebook' button. Resolved 04/01/18 Kiosk Gokartcentralen asked for this.

An option to choose to hide or show the 'I don't have Facebook' button to skip the facebook page.
FV-8737 Add Mobile Assistant to AAA for translations Resolved 09/01/18 Mobile Marshal Add "Fast.Mobile\Fast.Mobile.Assistant\dev\src" folder for translations to AAA. It needs to be of kind MobileMarshal. Fixed
FV-8741 Implement dehaardt remote control Resolved 12/01/18 Hardware Implement dehaardt remote control in de software Fixed
FV-8743 Explain vouchers to powerarea Resolved 11/01/18   Explain vouchers to powerarea Fixed
FV-8745 Product detail screen changes size Resolved 09/01/18 Configurator Go to vouchers, make a voucher

Go to activation products, add one

All screens in this popup have different size



FV-8746 Top in product detail is sloppy Resolved 09/01/18 Configurator Some fields are wrong aligned, margins not correct

FV-8748 add device to database Resolved 10/01/18 Database   Fixed
FV-8749 VoucherSetup Defaults Resolved 09/01/18 Configurator Set proper defaults when making new voucher setup Fixed
FV-8751 External integration system Resolved 15/01/18   Allow fast to be extended with references of third party software Fixed
FV-8753 Design Database structure for future Resolved 10/01/18 Database Design generic database structure for future usage Fixed
FV-8754 Migrate Metric meta external reference Resolved 15/01/18 Database Migrate metric meta refernce to this

Database, dal and UI
FV-8755 T_METRIC_META is not WSynced Resolved 10/01/18 Database I cannot think of any real reason Fixed
FV-8756 Make Generic UI for external references Resolved 15/01/18 Framework make a generic UI for adding, viewing and deleteing external references Fixed
FV-8760 Add GamePlugin to updater and single exe builder Resolved 13/01/18 Updater   Fixed
FV-8762 Fast4 protocol shouldn't be broadcasted locally anymore Resolved 11/01/18 Framework it is no longer needed to broadcast all the race data, since nobody is listening to it anymore Fixed
FV-8763 Book from reservation need to ask membership and membercard Resolved 16/01/18 Booking When booking from reservation, software need to ask membership and membercard. Fixed
FV-8771 Scan a card to reservation Resolved 16/01/18 Booking Make it possible to scan a card, and attach person to reservation, from people screen, and also from day planner. Fixed
FV-8772 The field Scores in T_SESSION is not used Resolved 12/01/18 Database, Framework The field is not used, it can go Fixed
FV-8774 Add all images as attachment in emails Resolved 14/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8775 Make a service in backend to check is client is using new automailer Resolved 14/01/18 Backend, Post Office   Fixed
FV-8780 Remove RMonitorListener as project Resolved 13/01/18   The project can go Fixed
FV-8781 login with email for online booking Resolved 17/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8782 Load of default configurations(templates, statements...) Resolved 15/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8783 Timeout isn't aligned properly Resolved 17/01/18 Hardware Open a magnetic card reader in Andretti orlando. The timeout editbox isn't aligned properly

FV-8784 Project state change Notification Resolved 14/01/18 Database raise notification for automailer when the project state changes Fixed
FV-8786 make person selection page for facebook registration Resolved 17/01/18 Online booking If logging in with facebook and there are person(s) with the same email we need to show page with selection list of person(s) Fixed
FV-8787 Facebook registration Resolved 17/01/18 Online booking when logging in with facebook and there si nothing in our DB we should redirect to kiosk with prefilled fields Fixed
FV-8788 Send emails through mailing server Resolved 16/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8791 Reset session when you empty it. Resolved 14/01/18 Booking When all participants in a sessions are deleted, or moved, can we reset the empty heat back to his defaults? Fixed
FV-8792 Load Reservations of the future in all overview Resolved 15/01/18 Booking Can you load all future reservations when you choose all reservations, and maybe 2 months of the past? Fixed
FV-8793 Add initial user to tabbed bill screen Resolved 15/01/18 Booking Add initial user to tabbed bill screen Fixed
FV-8794 Product info html Resolved 15/01/18 Configurator Make a button to configure html on product info Fixed
FV-8795 Show amount of persons of full reservation in Tooltip Resolved 15/01/18 Booking Show amount of persons of full reservation in Tooltip Fixed
FV-8796 Show post office campaigns on if automailer is configured Resolved 15/01/18 BI, Post Office   Fixed
FV-8797 Resource Icon only accepts icons 32 x 32 pixels Resolved 15/01/18 Booking Resource Icon only accepts icons 32 x 32 pixels Fixed
FV-8798 Make picture bigger Resolved 15/01/18 Booking It's not possible to recognize person on the picture now.

Show old picture in camera preview, if it's filled it.
FV-8799 External Reference on Tax Resolved 15/01/18 Framework allow to configure external references on tax Fixed
FV-8801 External reference on Project Resolved 16/01/18 Framework   Fixed
FV-8802 External Reference on Person Resolved 16/01/18 Framework External reference on Person Fixed
FV-8803 External reference on Product Resolved 16/01/18 Framework External reference on Product Fixed
FV-8804 External reference on product group Resolved 16/01/18 Framework   Fixed
FV-8807 show open bills for reservation Resolved 15/01/18 Booking show all bills linked to reservation in the tab. Fixed
FV-8808 Rename current "site" stuff by Node Resolved 17/01/18 Framework It is not called site, it is node Fixed
FV-8809 Site Resolved 17/01/18 Database, Framework Make site information Fixed
FV-8810 Cash report per site Resolved 26/01/18 Reports Cash report per site Fixed
FV-8811 Support tool crashes on licenses tab Resolved 17/01/18 Support Support tool crashes on licenses Fixed
FV-8812 Swipe reservation confirmation email Resolved 17/01/18 Booking be able to swipe qr code in reservation confirmaion email and open the reservation Fixed
FV-8813 Add parameters for notifications Resolved 17/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8816 Happy/unhuppy feedback in message Resolved 19/01/18 Post Office Two links in message. Two web pages - for happy and upset option. DB table. Fixed
FV-8817 Show special parameters in the template editor Resolved 17/01/18 Booking, Configurator   Fixed
FV-8818 make survey source for online booking Resolved 19/01/18 Backend, Online booking   Fixed
FV-8819 Add currentTime to workers and condition parameter Resolved 17/01/18 Post Office   Fixed
FV-8821 get site info for backend Resolved 17/01/18 Backend   Fixed
FV-8822 get opening hours for a date Resolved 18/01/18 Backend, Online booking   Fixed
FV-8824 Validate selected blocks before creating reservation Resolved 18/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8826 Image folder scene - Do not load pictures bigger than Full HD Resolved 19/01/18 TV Verify and shrink images from the folder, if it's higher than fullHD

FullHD image takes 7 MB of memory.

TV's a usually low memory computers that cannot handle big images.

FV-8828 More fields for online booking configuration Resolved 18/01/18 Configurator, Online booking   Fixed
FV-8830 Round opening hours to next block Resolved 18/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8832 Duplicate key during loading of countries Resolved 20/01/18 Framework Countries could have dup keys on iso codes Fixed
FV-8834 Make background image for online booking Resolved 19/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8835 make service for styling online booking Resolved 19/01/18 Backend, Online booking service should take online booking style from DB and return css for online booking Fixed
FV-8838 make grouping with pages for online booking Resolved 26/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8839 sync T_NOTIFICATION Resolved 21/01/18 Online booking T_NOTIFICATION has to be synced over wsync, since online events are not getting into local server, and automailer can't send confirmation mails Fixed
FV-8842 Show same reservation states in the planner as in reservation detail Resolved 20/01/18 Booking Now it's different, need to consolidate them. Fixed
FV-8843 Do not allow to select online reservation states Resolved 20/01/18 Booking   Fixed
FV-8844 remove W and X AUTOMAIL_HEARTBEAT Resolved 21/01/18 Booking it doesn't need to be synced, or historized Fixed
FV-8847 Online Kiosk: Datepicker set default date to today -16 years Resolved 22/01/18 Web modules To make it easier to select your date of birth, already set the default date of the datepicker to couple of years ago. Fixed
FV-8859 add build number to backend version control Resolved 26/01/18 Backend   Fixed
FV-8868 Split Frontend translations by application Resolved 26/01/18 Translations I need to split translations by application in frontend to reduce data loaded into the app:
* BI Portal - C:\Development\Fast.Frontend\src\Fast.Frontend.Portal
* PostOffice - C:\Development\Fast.Frontend\src\Fast.Frontend.PostOffice
* OnlineBooking - C:\Development\Fast.Frontend\src\Fast.Frontend.OnlineBooking
* Common (or just Frontend) - C:\Development\Fast.Frontend\src\Fast.Frontend.Packages
* FacebookApp (or whatever it will be) - C:\Development\Fast.Frontend\src\Fast.Frontend.App
FV-8872 Slow webcam because of high resolution Resolved 26/01/18 Hardware Try to bring it back to 640*480 Fixed
FV-8873 Make sure you can't close the updater with the red cross button Resolved 25/01/18 Updater   Fixed
FV-8882 Userquery should support FbBlocks Resolved 27/01/18 Configurator FbBlocks aren't supported by currtent userqueries Fixed
FV-8892 Union Jack is shown in USA for English Resolved 28/01/18 Kiosk a bit silly to show the Brittish union jack in usa...

FV-8904 Message screen in configurator Resolved 29/01/18 Configurator Make it possible to remove expiry date. Now if you set it, there is no way to remove it.

FV-8916 Reintegrate HD-tv to extend duration Resolved 31/01/18 TV Too many customers still use it. We will reintegrate it so we can extend the fade out period of this product Fixed



Key Summary Status Updated Component Description Resolution
FV-4880 Keyboard Scanners Resolved 15/01/18 Hardware All the settings of start and stop characters are ignored Fixed
FV-4985 Positioning screen not showing karts anymore Resolved 15/01/18 Positioning, Timing, TV Yeti calls for this a lot.
The positioning tab in the timing software wasn't getting updated anymore, there were no karts visible.
After a restart of the timing software this always works again.
FV-5909 disable heat settings with security Resolved 13/01/18 Booking allow only heat name to change Fixed
FV-7481 Check why Support tool takes so long to start up Resolved 23/01/18 Support It is really really annoying Fixed
FV-8177 Kiosk: "Are You Still There" appearing even when app is not idle Resolved 09/01/18 Kiosk Powerarea Beta

"Are you still there" screen pops up while inserting data in the kiosk.
FV-8734 Booking: drag and drop not triggering "Swipe" function Resolved 09/01/18 Booking Seen since latest version. (also alpha)

When you drag a participant from the participant list to the "drag, swipe, scan" screen, the "SWIPE" function is not triggered anymore.

FV-8740 Address gone from event subscription Resolved 11/01/18   When you subscribe in the event subscription, the address of that person is removed by the vsync. Fixed
FV-8742 Clean installer doesn't work Resolved 13/01/18   Just doesn't work Fixed
FV-8764 Copy paste drivers into another resource Resolved 12/01/18 Booking It will move session into wrong resource since it copies the heat settings Fixed
FV-8765 When voiding drivers with laps driven, do not remove drivers Resolved 12/01/18 Booking leave them as it is, only cancel drivers when they have no laps. Fixed
FV-8769 resolution is always jumping Resolved 17/01/18 TV Screen position always changing when you set it manually. Fixed
FV-8773 Qr scanner finder saves settings not from ui thread Resolved 12/01/18 Booking Device.cs FindHardware -> SaveSettingsFromHardware(barcodeScanner);

this code has to be executed on the ui thread.
FV-8789 image questions doesn't work in online booking kiosk Resolved 14/01/18 Kiosk, Online booking   Fixed
FV-8823 Put language name under flag Resolved 23/01/18 Web modules In online kiosk put language name below the flag. Now on mobile screens if the language name is too long it breaks the layout Fixed
FV-8829 if user block camera, buttons aren't working in online booking kiosk Resolved 18/01/18 Online booking   Fixed
FV-8831 Cut/paste results in Copy Resolved 20/01/18 Framework When trying to Cut/paste drivers from 1 heat to the other, this results in a copy (drivers are not being cut from initial heat).

Drag and drop function does still work.

~* Please see Zendesk Support tab for further comments and attachments.~
FV-8845 Long locale name for versions api call Resolved 26/01/18 Backend, Mobile Raygun report https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/r1pbhr/errors/2283544516 has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8846 Fields missing in old DB's that reqired to get resources for online booking Resolved 26/01/18 Backend, Mobile Raygun report https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/r1pbhr/errors/2338698042 has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8852 InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements Resolved 23/01/18 Timing Raygun report [https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2331643238] has more details about the error

FV-8854 NullReferenceException: Funboo.Support.Software.FixSignaturePosition Resolved 27/01/18 Support Raygun report [https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2236922097] has more details about the error

FV-8857 NullReferenceException: Client.Garage.KartList.NewWarning Resolved 27/01/18 Garage Raygun report [https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2341067893] has more details about the error

FV-8860 development update puts 0 in T_FUNBOO F_FB_PRODUCT_VERSION_BUILD Resolved 23/01/18 Updater   Fixed
FV-8864 If sys_init fails at upgrade, upgrader continues Resolved 25/01/18 Updater 23:02:21.385 1 ****************************** exception ******************************
23:02:21.391 1 System initialize Fast returned false
23:02:21.392 1 System initialize Fast stopped (8,224s)
23:02:21.393 1 Version initialize Fast started
23:02:22.037 1 Version initialize Fast stopped (0,644s)
23:02:22.040 1 Compare Bulk started
FV-8865 FbException: multiple rows in singleton selectAt procedure 'PAR_ASSIGN_RNO' line: 153, col: 5 Resolved 28/01/18 Database, Timing Raygun report https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2344337207 has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8871 FbException: arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncationstring right truncationexpected length 200, actual 207At procedure 'RPT_RNO_HISTORY_TASKS' line: 53, col: 5 Resolved 26/01/18 Garage Raygun report https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2345804485 has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8874 Binding Errors in Counter for PictureControl Resolved 26/01/18 Kiosk Binding errors slowed down the kiosk Fixed
FV-8876 can't edit paramtype in userqueries Resolved 26/01/18 Configurator The parameters can't be edited and changed Fixed
FV-8877 Server disconnects from database and doesn't broadcast notifications Resolved 26/01/18 Framework, server   Fixed
FV-8878 Onlne booking notifications are visible in Timing Resolved 26/01/18 Timing In timing you can see notifications from reservations (status change), even from yesterday Fixed
FV-8881 UserQueries, Column unknown IN_START after entering new query Resolved 26/01/18 Configurator Column unknown IN_START Fixed
FV-8883 validation error kicks in while assigning karts Resolved 26/01/18 Framework Validationerror => Duration should be bigger then 0


This is because the settings have the duration interval set to 0
FV-8885 JsonReaderException: JSON integer 3256254278 is too large or small for an Int32. Path 'CCCode', line 1, position 109. Resolved 27/01/18 Backend Raygun report [https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2348757196] has more details about the error


FV-8887 NullreferenceException: ProjectTaskList.RecentInterval_EditValueChanged Resolved 27/01/18 Garage Raygun report https://app.raygun.com/crashreporting/qm9j8a/errors/2348733970 has more details about the error Fixed
FV-8888 User card, leading zero's are being trimmed in upgrader, but not in swipe Resolved 28/01/18 Database TAG_SWIPE, the user cards don't have their leading zero's trimmed.


In the updater they are trimmed though
FV-8889 Tags with leading zero's don't get recovered Resolved 27/01/18 Database Looks like tagswipe is trimming them, but they still are inserted without. Fixed
FV-8896 violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_QRYP_NAME_QRY_ID" on table "T_QUERY_PARAM" Resolved 29/01/18 Database, WSync violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint "UNQ_QRYP_NAME_QRY_ID" on table "T_QUERY_PARAM" Fixed
FV-8897 validation error for column "T_BUTTON"."F_BTN_DEFAULT", value "*** null ***" Resolved 29/01/18 Database   Fixed
FV-8898 validation error for column "T_PROJECT"."F_US_ID_CREATED", value "*** null ***" Resolved 29/01/18 Database   Fixed
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