Online booking product configuration

Online booking product configuration

1. Enable resource for online booking:

Set minimum and maximum amount of customers that will be possible to book online and time interval for the list of available time slots. For example, if it's set to 15 minutes and your track start to work at 10:00, people will see the following available time slots: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, etc..

2. Then you need to configure schedule. If you have different opening hours per different days of week, you will need to do the configuration for each schedule setup. You have to setup opening hours and public capacity of the session:

Opening hours could be different from your actual day setup if you want to disable some period for online booking. For example, if you don't want online bookings to be made before 17:00, you need to put start opening hours from 17:00 and stop opening hours until 22:00.

Public capacity is the number of people available to book online in one session. If it's set to -1, then it is equals to Maximum drivers. 0 means that people can't book online. For example, if you want only 5 people to be possible to book online, you need to put 5 in the Public capacity field.

It is very crucial to have at least one schedule setup with opening hours and public capacity filled in correctly, otherwise resource won't be visible in online booking!

3. Next, you need to configure page for online booking. You need to create a new page, enable "Online booking" checkbox and link it to the resource:

Then add products to the page. 

4. For the products you can configure it's appearance in online booking. You can assign public name and description to the product:

Public info can be set up using HTML markup. On the right side you can see how it will look in online booking:

Also you can put a picture for the product in "More" tab:

And it will look like this in the online booking:



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