How to set up stock management in Fast 5

Stock management

You can use Fast Booking to manage the stock on your products. You can show how many stock is left, show warnings when the stock drops below a certain level and load new stock into the system.

Stock can be used on an individual level per product or you can use a stock group to group multiple products into one stock management system.

Activating stock management on a product

Open the configurator menu on the top right and go to products. Open the product you want to activate stock for.

Click on the stock tab, move the stock switch to on, to activate stock management for this product.

The system will now ask you to use simple stock management or to create a stock group.

  • Simple: manages its own stock: a can of cola, a bottle of beer, a balaclava, ...
  • Stock group: shares stock with other products: drought beer (33cl, 25cl, 0.5L, 1L)

Choose the type of stock management you want to set up.


After the selection, the stock tab is activated and you can fill in the most important fields:

  • Quantity per unit: amount of this product inside the stockgroup (normally one inside a simple stock management system)
  • Quantity per unit kind: the total amount currently still in stock
  • Minimum quantity: the amount where the stock should not drop below
  • Maximum quantity: the maximum amount you want to keep in stock
  • Warning quantity: the quantity where the point of sale will show a warning when the amount drops below this value
  • Order quantity: the quantity to use when you want to order new stock


Stock in the point of sale

When the stock has been set up, you will see an indication at the point of sale on the button how much stock is left.

When the stock drops below the warning amount, the point of sale will show a warning that you are running low on stock.


Loading new stock, changing the current stock value

When you want to load new stock or change the current stock value, you can go back to the stock screen using the configurator menu and opening the product. On the stock tab, you will see 2 buttons:

  • Wrong stock: use this button to correct the current stock in the system
  • Delivery: use this button to load extra stock into the system


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